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Once you have added you listing details and previewed the results you can submit the listing for us to quickly review. We do this simply to ensure that all information submitted makes sense and is coherent for the user.

You can expect to see you listing live within 24hrs and in many cases much sooner!

Simply select ‘Add Clasifly’ and select ‘Event’ to add your event details. You can preview the event prior to submission or skip this step.

We also support TimeKit as it’s preferred event booking partner. You will need to create a TimeKit ID. Once you have your TimeKit ID and you have created an event(s), using instructions above, on the TimeKit platform you simply paste the TimeKit ID on your Listing edit form located at the bottom.

You can either create your event first or create you ticket first. 

In order to create a ticket hover over your admin menu tab and select ‘My Products’ from the dropdown. Then click ‘Add Product’ to enter your ticket details. 

Now either create your event using the instructions above or select your event from the ‘My Listings’ tab under your admin tab. At the bottom of the edit event details page you have the option to select your created product under the ‘Products’ tab.

Your ticket is now linked to your event!

To add a product(s) to your listing simply hover over your profile in the top right and a drop-down menu will appear. Then select ‘My Store’ where you will then be able to apply to become a vendor. Once we have approved this request you will be contacted with instructions o f how to add products. 

We promise it’s very easy!

It is very easy to become featured! 

Simply go to your profile dropdown menu (top right) and select ‘My Listings. Then select ‘Promote’ under the listing you wish to get featured. you’ll then be asked to select a Promotional Package for a certain duration. Add to cart and it’s done! 

We recommend that you use a minimum image resolution of 1200px. This will ensure that your images are clear and will portray your business as being far more professional than those with poorer quality images.

If you have received a bad review on your listing page which you do not think is fair then please get in touch with us using the form to the right and we will review your concerns and determine whether the review should be taken down. Be advised that in most cases, unless the review contains explicit or offensive language, the review will not be taken down. 

It goes without saying that it is down to you to provide your customers with great service which will, in turn, result in great reviews! If you gain a bad review then it may be useful in warning other users of bad service or product.

A promotion key allows you to advertise any of your listings across the site. The listing may be featured in special sections, and it will be ranked higher in search results etc. The promotion can be cancelled at any time, and the remaining amount of ‘ad’ time will be saved until you decide to use the key again either on the same listing or on a different one.

If you have found that your business is already listing, you can select the ‘Claim Listing’ button in the bottom right-hand side of the banner image. This will take you through to package selection (its’s free to list!) and from there you will be asked to create an account and stake your claim to the listing.

If your question is not listed above then please use the contact form to the right and we will hopefully be able to help you.

If you find your Clasifly already listed then you claim it by doing the following:

  1. Create a Clasifly account.
  2. Once logged in navigate back to your Clasifly.
  3. You should now find a ‘Claim Listing’ tab at the bottom right of the cover image
  4. Select the tab and you will be navigated to select a package.
  5. Once the ‘Claim Listing’ requested has been submitted we will verify and approve your request.
  6. You will be notified be email once the process has been completed.

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A Featured Listing maintains its Featured status throughout the package validity. It appears top in search results and displays the neon bolt badge.


A Promoted listing is a flexible paid option that enables the listing owner to Promote their listing for certain durations which can be useful if the owner is running a campaign and wants greater exposure for set durations. There are currently two Promotion options with each offering different ranking priorities.


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